About us

Welcome to North Perth Community Garden’s website: we hope you find it interesting and informative.  Please come and join us in our garden to learn more.

Our 820m2 space is more than a place for individuals to garden. We strive to be an integral part of our local community being a hub for people to meet, share, socialise, and learn. Many of our members or their partners are also members of our immediate neighbours Vincent Men’s Shed, North Perth Tennis Club or North Perth Bowling Club.  The precinct is a hive of activity for many.

Photo of garden members and children picking sweet potatoesOur garden is predominantly for growing herbs, vegetables and some flowers.  We also have a Greenhouse for propagation of seeds and strikes.  If you are interested in larger plants we do have a small orchard and a native garden area.  Our garden is not intended as certified organic but we do aim to operate on organic principles nurturing our soil, using low toxicity, naturally derived products and limiting any type of chemical use.

Our garden is divided into; a general area for all members, communal beds co-leased by a group of members who share the fruits of their labours and 41 individually leased plots for that member’s exclusive use.   The general areas includes; our orchard, native garden, some raised garden beds, compost, worm farms and a propagating Greenhouse.

In the winter of 2013 a desolate weedy neglected space was turned into the beginnings of our vibrant, urban North Perth Community Garden.  After much hard work by a small band of dedicated volunteers and with the generous support of the City of Vincent we started offering memberships in October of that year.

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We now have a thriving garden with an orchard that is producing some of the tastiest fruit around, a frog pond full of happy frogs: has anyone seen a frog smile?  Our members are also growing wonderful vegetables in their plots and we are starting to propagate more plants in the Greenhouse.

Photo of water lily flowering in the frog pond.You can join as a general member and help in the orchard, frog pond and some of our other general areas: there is plenty to do as a general member.  You could co-lease in the communal plots and share gardening and produce with other communal members or you can lease an individual plot to grow your own.

We have developed a strong focus on community and what our garden can do for the local community.  We have forged a number of links with other community groups including; Rotary North Perth, North Perth Local, Volunteering WA, Temple David (Mt Lawley) and of course our immediate neighbours. Photo of frogs in the pond.

In 2015 we began running education seminars and workshops open to the wider community.  These are ever evolving so watch out for them.

At North Perth Community Garden we seek to be innovative within a garden atmosphere whilst also using well established ways of growing plants, aiming to be as organically focused as we can.  We are also focused on the concept of Zero Waste in our garden, so all green waste is fed through our composting system and back into the garden.

As innovators we aim to do things differently, as can be seen on our projects page.