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In our 2017 Summer edition read about:

  • Weeds: Friends or Foe workshopSummer 2017 thumbnail
  • Thank you Sophie Farnan
  • Shade in the garden
  • Summer plant survival

Past editions

Spring 2017

  • Costa in our garden
  • Soup for lunch
  • Small tool shed
  • Compost and worm farms

Winter 2017

  • Construction schedule
  • Corporate volunteer afternoon
  • Thank you Emily Green-Armytage
  • Workshop: crop rotation and companion planting
  • Greenhouse
  • Food for worm farms

Autumn 2017

  • Mitzvah Day
  • Sundowner
  • Thank you Sabina
  • Wicking beds
  • Coordinator roles
  • The coolest worms in town
  • Autumn planting ideas
  • What’s growing in the garden this Summer!

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