Our Projects

Some of our projects include:

Shade Project

2017 sees us focusing on summer shade for NPCG, this involves a balance between adequate summer shade and not too much shade in winter – bring on the deciduous plants.

Photo of prototype shade structure.If you have been up to our garden over the summer you may have noticed the prototype shade structure over one of the communal beds.  This has been incredibly effective at protecting from the harsh sun and dramatically reducing evaporation.  Our plan is to extend these structures to all the leased beds in time for next summer.  The shade cloth will be rolled out of the way at the end of summer and rolled down again at the beginning of summer.

The other focus of shade is for members in the form of either deciduous trees that will eventually grow large enough to sit under or a trellis with a similarly deciduous vine.  Grapes, figs anybody?

Plant Propagation Project

We have propagated our first seeds specific for members to plant in their plots, this is the beginning of an organised programme to grow seeds for members to plant and if possible produce excess for sale to the public.  This project is in its infancy, we have been slow to fully utilise the Greenhouse, but now we have a Greenhouse Coordinator we can develop our programme of propagating seeds and strikes, watch this space.

Café Capture – adding value to local café waste.

Our innovative project of diverting local café food waste into compost has now come to an end. Funded by a grant from the WA Waste Authority, it achieved its aim of producing a large quantity of high quality compost. As part of the grant process a report was written by the project team outlining the positive and negative aspects of it, a copy of the report can be found on the WA Waste Authority’s website and is well worth a read.

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The two main advantages of the local diversion of food waste away from distant landfill something the Waste Authority is keenly interested in and turning a costly waste product into a valuable resource, compost, cannot be underestimated.

Whilst the project has huge merit, NPCG is not continuing with it as the difficulties of keeping it work neutral to the cafes and running the project entirely on volunteer labour is prohibitive and not sustainable. We hope our experience will assist the WA Waste Authority and others into the future with planning how to adapt this concept into a sustainable paid endeavour.

We have provided compost to a local Women’s Refuge to help Rotary, North Perth establish the Refuge’s gardens.

We will be continuing our smaller scale worm farms and compost bins to further enhance our soil health.

Photo of gardeners and compost bins.

Worm Farms

We also have three worm farms for producing worm liquid.  Some of our members save their food scraps and bring them up to feed our lovely worms, further reducing waste going to landfill. The worm liquid is used in the garden to help maintain the health of all our plants.

Greenhouse Project

In November 2015 after receiving a grant from the Government of Western Australia’s Department of Local Government and Communities we erected a new Greenhouse for the propagation of seedlings.  Members can start their seeds and seedlings in the Greenhouse where they are protected from pests and receive more frequent watering.  We hope to propagate our own seedlings to sell and raise money for the garden.

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 Orchard and Swale Project

In 2014 we established a communal mini orchard of mostly dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees, planted around a ‘swale.’ The swale was designed by Josh Byrne and Associates and built along the southern boundary of the garden adjacent to the neighbouring Vincent Men’s Shed.  Run off from their shed roof is directed into the swale, providing water to the root systems of the fruit trees.

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